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April 2011

Chocolate-Walnut Rugolach: Best in town!


Siegel's scrumptious Chocolate-Walnut Rugolach ranked #19 in Vancouver Magazine's 101 Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver. They said: "the Siegel’s version is greasier, flakier, crunchier, and altogether more satisfying." What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

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Siegel’s Bagels New Website


Welcome to our new website! Whet your appetite by browsing our products, read all about our newest Ancient Grain bagel and more! Did you know? Montreal-style bagels are traditionally boiled in honey-sweetened water before baking. Our bagels are kettle-boiled and baked in a 25 tonne wood fired oven. Siegel’s bagels have half the fat than [...]

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Introducing the Ancient Grains Bagel!


Siegel’s Bagels is proud to present our newest bagel made from delicious ancient grains, seeds and more from all over the world, including sunflower, quinoa, kamut, spelt, sesame, flax, rye, oats and barley. These mixed in with the wholesome taste of whole-wheat flour give this bagel a traditional and ‘ancient’ flavour. It has a huge [...]

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February 2011



Bagels, cream cheese, jam and butter and delicious rugolach. [product id="20"] [product id="19"] [product id="21"]


Vegetable and Fruit Trays


A selection of fresh vegetables surrounding our homemade cream cheese and fresh herb dip. [product id="14"] [product id="13"] [product id="16"] [product id="15"]

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Montreal Smoked Meat Platter


We ship it in from Montreal every week — The Real Thing! An assortment of bagels (or Rye Bread) with smoked meat and mustard and our famous pickles. [product id="10"] [product id="9"]

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Assorted Sandwich Platter


Great Selection of our famous Montreal smoked meat, Turkey, Salami and Lox. (All vegetarian or all meat available). [product id="8"] [product id="7"]

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