Siegel’s Bagels is proud to present our newest bagel made from delicious ancient grains, seeds and more from all over the world, including sunflower, quinoa, kamut, spelt, sesame, flax, rye, oats and barley. These mixed in with the wholesome taste of whole-wheat flour give this bagel a traditional and ‘ancient’ flavour. It has a huge kick of nutrition; loaded with those good old complex carbs and all of what Mother Nature has to offer. All that, and it still has our signature crunchy outside and chewy inside. Satisfying to the last bite, in the Siegel’s tradition.

What to do with an Ancient Grain bagel? This versatile baked and boiled treat is great with any topping: for the health conscious bagel enthusiast, “double toasted with easy butter” is the way to go or for the sugar seeking type, “load it up with as much peanut butter possible!’ is the route you should travel. If you’re on the healthy train and you still want to treat yourself, try it out with almond butter and banana, drizzled with a little honey. This bagel also tastes great in a sandwich, or even flying solo as an on-the-go snack!

The team at Siegel’s is proud to say, the Ancient Grain Bagel is our own creation! The recipe is hand crafted by our talented bakers, and boiled and baked in our wood fired oven. The Ancient Grain bagel is one of our many bagel experiements that got the enthusiastic go-ahead from happy customers. You can try out an Ancient Grain bagel or any of our other unique recipes such as rosemary rock salt or banana walnut at our Kits location or in the Granville Island Public Market. Were always looking for great ideas for new bagels and we love to hear from our customers, so let us know if you have an unrealized bagel dream!