Trade Talk: Rosemary Rocksalt Ltd., the Exciting Next Move  

“As you go through life, make this your goal: Watch the doughnut, not the hole.” Check out the story that the Vancouver Sun did on us, featuring the new and upcoming Rosemary Rocksalt Ltd. chain! Read More

Try our New Honey Almond Crunch  

Toasted Bagel topped with Winnipeg Cream Cheese, Covered with Granola and drizzled Honey ONLY $3.60!
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Our current Celebrity Baker… Eric Petersen of Lululemon Thanks for your tasty suggestion!

Montreal Smoked Meat Lunch Special  

Montreal Smoked Meat Sandwich: we serve it sliced, steamed and piled high on a Bagel with mustard and a Mrs. Whytes pickle spear. $8.75 Regular / $10.25 Large

Lunch Special: with Fries (or substitute Soup or a bag of Chips) and a Pop only $11.75

We’re Social. Join the Conversation!  

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Join the Bagel Club.  

Pick up your Siegel’s Bagels Club Card at one of our two locations and receive a free dozen bagels when you complete the card!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle!  

Siegel’s Bagels cares about the environment. We follow the three R’s and one way you can help us reduce our environmental impact is to re-use your Siegel’s Bagels freezer bags, or bring in your own.

BC Wild Sockeye Salmon: Only the Best!  

Our lox and cream cheese sandwich is one of our most popular lunch picks. We use all quality ingredients: BC wild sockeye salmon and the best capers, red onions and cream cheese around. Sandwich only $8.95.

Don’t feel like eating out? Buy all the ingredients at our deli counter and make your own at home. Great party treat!

Waste Not: Our Bagels Get Around!  

At Siegel’s, not a single bagel goes to waste. We sell day old bagels at a reduced rate and we donate everything we don’t sell to the Food Bank.

Chocolate-Walnut Rugolach: Best in town!  

Siegel’s scrumptious Chocolate-Walnut Rugolach ranked #19 in Vancouver Magazine’s 101 Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver. What are you waiting for? Give it a try!

Featured Bagel Contest

Submit your creative bagel ideas and enter to be chosen as our Featured Bagel of the month! Come up with a scrumptious new cream cheese flavour, inventive combo or new bagel recipe!

Unlimited entries permitted. By entering the contest, you agree to let us use your bagel idea and name in any and all marketing.
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Siegel's Bagels begin with the highest quality ingredients available, are kettle boiled and then baked in a custom 25-tonne wood burning oven.

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