Dear Siegel’s Community, 

As of March 14, Siegel's Bagels will be raising prices on many items. Our goal is to be transparent - to share some facts behind this decision - in hope that you will understand and support these changes.

We have resisted increases the past 3 years, by absorbing all price increases, believing that supply chains, lack of supplies and delays may only be temporary. Unfortunately, the issues have continued and we have seen costs on many of our most important items skyrocket. For example, the cost of our bagel flour 32%, cream cheese 26%, staff benefits 31% and packaging 12% in the last 12 months alone. (just to name a few)

In addition, we continue to pay our staff a fair wage and create a positive work environment. We are proud to pay above minimum wage increases along with providing healthcare and other important benefits for our valued employees. We couldn’t exist without them and we are lucky to have retained an amazing staff throughout the year and through the pandemic. 

We will continue to use quality products and serve food we are proud of, as well as support the wellbeing of our staff. In order to continue in the face of the rising cost of doing business, we have to raise some prices.

When you walk through our doors, we think of you as family. If you have any questions or comments feel free to speak with the General Manager or email us at Thank you for your continued support and patronage. 

Yours in Bagels, 

The Siegel's Team